Medstead Players - Workers Playtime - June 2022

Compiled and directed by Marion Rogers

Workers Playtime (2022)

The latest production by The Medstead Players was a resounding success and enjoyed by all. It was their own version of a variety show based on the well loved radio series Workers’ Playtime which aired on BBC at lunchtime three days a week from 1941 to 1964.

A good proportion of the audience were very familiar with it and grew up listening to it regularly during the 1950’s and 60’s. As a result, performances from the much loved Glums, Lone Ranger, Paul Temple Special Agent, Joyce Grenfell and the wonderful Vera Lynn were very enthusiastically received. Added for good measure by Marion Rogers, the director, were the unforgettable shipping broadcasts and a singalong by 'Theddon Wivelrod' and 'Stan the Man' Witcher with backing vocals from the choir.

A wonderful ploughman’s supper and creamy dessert added to the entertainment and the whole evening was heartwarming, nostalgic and delightful. Thank you The Medstead Players and we shall all look forward to your next production and another fun filled evening.
[Jane Fomes]

Heather Armitage, Graham Bennell, Sharon Blackshaw, Patrick Burridge, Paul Cox, Peter Cox, Kathy Gunning, Janice Hopwood-Hall, Kerry Magennis-Prior, Grace McClurg, Tania McCullough, Jon Norman, Jenny Overy, Anita Prior, Marion Rogers, Nicola Young, Stan Whitcher and Anthony Wornum.

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