Medstead Players - The Wicked Witches of Oz - November 2022

Written by Peter Nuttall
Directed by Jon Norman

Throne Room

Had a most fun evening watching the Medstead Players in their Wicked Witches of Oz panto. Myself and my friends laughed out loud at the fantastic comic delivery of Momby, played by Kathy Gunning. There were several children in our group and in the audience and they really got involved and booed and cheered in all the right places and it was obvious they were thoroughly enjoying it. Our other favourites of the night were the scarecrow, played by Lindsay Mayo, whose brilliant accents were spot on and Toto, the not so little dog, played by Dominic Clifford, who somehow managed to stay in doggie character all the way through. We also loved all the local references - it made it all that more special.

Looking forward to the next show.
[Jane Pearce]

Dorothy - Tania McCullough
Toto - Dominic Clifford
Edna / Enid - Grace McClurg
Aunty Em / Momby - Kathy Gunning
The Wizard of Oz - Justin Young
Drip - Julia Halls
Clare Crow / Scarecrow - Lindsay Mayo
Timothy Mann / Tinman - Paul Cox
Mr Lyon / Lion - Anita Prior
Munchy - Dan Cox

This amateur production by arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts.

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