Medstead Players - Last Sťance - April 2023

Written by Herb Hasler
Directed by Jon Norman

Last Seance
Last Seance

A great set and a great title, 'Last Sťance' set the scene for a great night out. Madam Craft, in her guise of psychic medium, in truth Eunice, ably played by Tania McCullough, led us through a fair few seances or should I say scammed us along with her sister Lily, well played by Julia Halls who ran a scam psychic phone line.

Curtains opened on a really superb set, where we find Glenda and Mildred, played by Anita Prior and Janice Hopwood Hall, trying to contact an errant and recently deceased husband to be able to have the Last Word. They left happily having achieved their quest to spend his money. Eunice's husband George, comically portrayed by Justin Young, was an inept handy man overshadowed by the shy, retiring and unpaid Spencer, whose mission in life was a date with Lily. Well done Dominic Clifford, another solid performance. Beatrice was actually ... spoiler alert ... a real psychic unbeknown to the others but finally revealed at the end. Once again Grace McClurg showed her versatility.

Real life father and son, Paul and Dan Cox made us laugh as they tried to contact their long deceased dog 'Killer'. Further complications came with Jake, in the guise of Nick Cooper who took on two personalities as a potential suiter for Lily, then a strange magician who was really out to prove the scams afforded by Madam Craft. Eloise, played by Sharon Blackshaw, and Lisa, played by Nickki Tindale, took the roles of wife and mistress trying to find out where the wayward husband and lover had hidden his money. A fight scene between Eunice, (Madam Craft) and Eloise had the audience on the edge of their seats as the actors were on the edge of the stage.

Several surprising twists and turns had the appreciative audience laughing and thoroughly enjoying the production. A large cast of twelve very talented actors gave us an unforgettable performance. No play can go ahead without a devoted backstage crew too many to mention here, however special praise must go to to the Director - Jon Norman.
[Nita Simpson]

Beatrice - Grace McClurg
Eloise - Sharon Blackshaw
Eunice - Tania McCullough
Father - Paul Cox
George - Justin Young
Glenda - Anita Prior
Jake - Nick Cooper
Lily - Julia Halls
Lisa - Nicki Tindale
Mildred - Janice Hopwood-Hall
Son - Dan Cox
Spencer - Dominic Clifford

This amateur production by arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts.

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