Medstead Players - Variety Show - September 2023

Co-ordinated by Jenny Overy

Variety Show

Our 2023 Variety Show, featured an eclectic mix of sketches, music and songs, which were well received by the audience, who joined in the singing with much gusto, aided no doubt by the food, wine and beer consumed.

The show opened with Christopher Lawrence singing 'I'm getting married in the morning', followed by a Joyce Grenfell monologue read by Sharon Blackshaw. Stan Whitcher sang 'Seven drunken nights' most convincingly (no doubt having had some practice), Christine Farrell sang 'Candle on the Water', Anita Prior and Anthony Wornum performed a comedy sketch and Jenny Griffiths played a classical piano piece by Schubert.

In the second half, Peter Cox, Dominic Clifford Anthony Wornum and Stan Whitcher all performed solo pieces. Christine Farrell, Heather Armitage and Sarah Bagley gave a comic rendition as three jilted brides all 'Waiting at the church'. A Paul Temple radio play was then followed by the rousing finale medley.

The whole show was ably compered by Peter Cox, with David Duffin providing the piano accompanyment.

Anita Prior
Anthony Wornum
Christopher Lawrence
Christine Farrell
David Duffin
Dominic Clifford
Heather Armitage
Jenny Griffiths
Marion Rogers
Peter Cox
Sarah Bagley
Sharon Blackshaw
Stan Whitcher

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