Medstead Players - Dick Whittington and the Night Mayor of London - December 2023

Written by Peter Nuttall
Directed by Dan Cox

Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington moves to London to seek his fortune but gets involved in the evil Mayor’s plan to close down the market. With the help of Jiggles the Dame, her daughter Wendy and his talking cat Tiddles, can Dick overthrow the Mayor and live happily ever after?

Dick Whittington - Dan Ryan
Tiddles (Dick's cat) - Dominic Clifford
Wendy (Dick's friend) - Tania McCullough
Dame Jiggles (Wendy's Mum) - Jon Norman
Mayor - Paul Cox
Snivells (Mayor's assistant) - Julia Halls
Alfie (fruit & veg seller) - Peter Cox
Mollie (flower seller) - Anita Prior
Jack (newspaper seller) - Nick Cooper
Hat seller - Stan Whitcher

This amateur production by arrangement with Scripts for Stage.

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